The Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops

Fine art portraits Like paintings,  also begin with an empty canvas. We believe that fine art portraiture is intended for wall art, an evocative image that is passed down generations and nothing is as timeless as an artists stroke on a canvas. Hallways of museums around the world bear witness to that.
All our canvas backdrops are special. Hand painted, personally by us to lend every portrait we create its unique inimitable and distinct painterly look, thus truly making every portrait a piece of art.
The Fine Art of Portraiture

Our portraits are essentially a piece of art created from a concept or an idea. 
Each portrait first takes shape on paper in the form of a drawing. We then, with great care, personally put together every piece of that concept together, by hand. Every portrait we work upon, has an interesting story to tell while it is in the making as it does when viewed in its finished form. 
It takes a lot of imagination and artistic skills to do this well. A fine art portrait is created by the photographer as an artist and not just with a camera. The photographers vision is central to the final image.
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